Here you should find the answers to the most commonly asked questions when starting.


So How Do I Go About Starting?

You just turn up to an open session. It's as simple as that.  There is no need to book in advance

Do I Need My Own Gloves etc?

Initially all equipment is provided, but eventually most people buy their own boxing gloves and other personal equipment.

Basic equipment and sundries are available for purchase at the gym.


What Should I Wear?

Initially just shorts and teeshirt or a tracksuit. Eventually you will need to wear Thai style boxing shorts.

All training is done in bare feet-- no shoes on the combat flooring.

How Much Does It Cost?

Seniors £4.50 per session or £30 per month for unlimited sessions.

Gym membership and British Muay Thai Association. licence cost an annual fee of just £20.

Will I Get Beaten Up In My First Session?


Until you buy a licence all training is non contact and based on pads or bags.

After you have a licence you may participate in contact training and sparring where you will be hit or kicked but even then it is only light contact.

There are no intentional knockouts at the gym.

Do I Have To Fight?

No. The majority of people who train in Muay Thai in the UK do it for self defence and fitness. Training will get you extremely fit and build your confidence but you do not have to fight.

If you want to fight competitively then you are more than welcome to join our growing stable of fighters and do so.

 Am I Too Old?

No . You are never too old to do some training. You can train to suit your fitness levels and ability.

However there does come a time when we all become too old to fight competitively. This does not mean you have to stop training.